Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Most Inappropriate Part of Sex and the City

Last night myself and the sisters-in-law went to see Sex and the City in honor of our last night on vacation. We did the terribly cliché but terribly fun thing of dressing up and getting a few drinks beforehand.

Can you guess which one of us is a mother of two?

We even had SIL Tori (or Toorie, as Sam calls her) artfully apply false eyelashes on us. Look!

SOB called these my Stripper Eyes!

The evening was going according to plan, and everyone was having fun. That is, until, I got up to go to the bathroom. The theater wasn't too crowded, so we got seats right in the middle. Five minutes before show time I ran out to pee and the rest of our row was still empty. When I got back, however, the three seats directly next to me had become occupied. Now since the rest of the row was still empty I wasn't sure why these folks needed to sit in my lap. The SILs told me that they informed the threesome that I was going to be returning shortly, so they knew that they would be sitting right next to me.

So that's annoying, right? But guess what? That's not the worst part.

The threesome was composed of a man, a woman and her three year old son. Guess who was my seat neighbor? That's right. I finally get a night out without my kids and I end up sitting next to a virtual Sam.

Honestly, the kid wasn't too badly behaved considering it must have been past his bedtime by the beginning of the movie. He was having a lot of trouble sitting still, though, and finally the guy in front of him snapped at his mother. There was some discussion about moving the boy and when he dawdling, his mother threatened to 'beat his ass.'

I wish I could say that this was the peak of the profanity for the evening, but no. I can't imagine allowing any child under the age of 15 to watch this film. This was a very adult movie. Adult language, adult themes, adult situations. At least five times the kid turned to his parents and asked some variation of 'what are they doing mommy?' or 'what does that mean?' Thank god he finally fell asleep, all wrapped up in his blankie.

While a part of me wanted to grab this woman and shake her, I kept my inner sancti-mommy at bay. At least until we left, where upon I unleashed a tirade to just about anyone who would listen.

Apparently I haven't gotten it all out of my system.

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super des said...

Why would anyone bring their child to what is clearly a date movie? It doesn't even have any explosions to hold his attention (I'm assuming). People are stupid.

Adamgv said...
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Arizaphale said...

I never cease to be amazed by the idiotic things so-called parents do. The words 'self centred' come to mind.
How was the movie?

Jae said...

Wow. why would anyone take their little one to a SITC movie? just the title alone sez "adults only!" LOL sorry your night out w/o kiddos was interrupted.

Stephanie said...

That is terrible. Why would you take a three year old to a movie like that? And why would they let him in?

Stacy said...

Some people really shouldn't be parents. Seriously...bringing a 3 year old to that R-rated movie?? I saw it on Saturday, too, and wow...there was a lot in there a three year old didn't need to see. Those parents needed to be smacked.