Friday, June 20, 2008

Plumb Tuckered

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

It's been a long week, I tell ya.

I've been meaning to write a post all about how SOB has been busy carousing in cabarets, which, apparently is what they call strip clubs out in Vancouver. Who knew? And here I thought he was experiencing some culture.

(Well, he might have been, but perhaps a different type of culture. Ew.)

Plus yesterday I was busy doing this:

Long, dirty, wet hair

Short(er), clean, dry hair. And wavy!

For the record, I didn't go and do something stupid like get a body wave. That would be too 1987, and even though I am going to see NKOTB in September, I don't plan to revisit any old hairstyles. I just happen to have naturally wavy hair, and decreasing the length increases the wave.

And the reason I kind of look like a zombie in the 'after' picture is because right after I got my hairs cut, I went with my friend Carrie to see Pearl Jam, my all time favorite band ever. Ever. Which? AWESOME. Best set list of any of the shows I've seen. If it wasn't for that one time I sat in the front row (Damn, that predates the blagh. Would have made for an awesome post.) then maybe this might have been the best show yet. And I finally saw my all time favorite PJ song live, which was amazing. It only took half a few hundred dollars and half a dozen shows. No bother. I'll see them three dozen more times before I'm done. I may or may not have injured Carrie's shoulder when I grabbed it as the riff began. Sorry! They negotiated for a later curfew in Camden so the show went a little longer than usual, which resulted in a supremely late bedtime for me last night. That is, this morning. 'Round 1:30 I would gather.

And Lucy was up with the sun at 6:10.

And I'm bushed.

But satisfied.

And my husband is going to be home before I wake tomorrow.



P.S. NOT PREGNANT. Sorry for the confusion!

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