Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been three years that I have been either pregnant or nursing or both. I had conclusive evidence that Sam was busily splitting cells three years ago today, even though I was pretty convinced that I was "with child" two days earlier. I had purchased some bulk tests online and they were a little, um, cheap. The colored lines were so inconceivably faint I didn't dare trust them. After two days of inconclusive testing when I should have been getting answers I pitched the whole lot and bought an EPT test. Three tests all together. With Lucy all I needed was one. I took two more, but just to satisfy SOB.

Now all these days and nights later, I can look back, smile, and simply know how lucky I am.

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Lora said...

Happy MOther's Day! THis is the REAL holiday! Sorry about the wonky caps. My computer sucks so bad that I 'm not even gonna try to backspace. It could wreck your blag. BGlog. Yeah.

sarah said...

Are you pregnant? I'm confused.