Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Had to Happen Eventually

Last night Sam and I took a shower together. This is not an uncommon event in our house since us adults don't take issue with nudity around the kids. In small doses, that is. 

Anyway, as we got into the stall he looked at me up and down. His face went all surprised as he exclaimed, 'Oh no! Mommy got no pee-pee!' 

Try explaining that one to a 2 1/2 year old.

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Lora said...

Jake was very alarmed a few months back when he thought I lost my penis. We told him that just like earrings and nailpolish, a vagina is something that boys don't have and girls do. He seemed okay with that, but now when ever he gets close to me and inspects for earrings and nailpolish (which happens at least twice a day) he wants to know if I am wearing my "gy-nee" too.

so, long story short- you aren't in this alone.

also, I hope to see you tonight for the birthday edition of WS! If not, eat lots of carbs and sweets at your house!

Jori said...

JT was looking for my penis, too. He squatted down and pushed my legs apart. When he didn't it there he went behind me and looked. I just said, "you and daddy have the penis, not me!" He said, "okay" and walked away.