Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Apple Tree Saga Continues

A while back a woman in the neighborhood introduced herself to me. Quickly afterwards she informed me that she was a social worker and worked with the homeless population. She then told me that in the past the previous owners of this home allowed her to come and pick several large bags of apples to hand out to the homeless in the fall. All of this exposition was a round about way of her asking me if it was ok to do the same thing this year. Since this was before all of the falling branches/sharp cutting back of said apple tree I said have at it. 

So what does this lady do? She shows up at dark with her five year old and a hockey stick. They start swinging away at the tree, taking off leaves and smaller branches with the few low apples remaining. Then, once they've smacked the shit out of everything they can reach they head down the block and return with another kid and a ladder. In pretty much full on darkness she has her kids climbing a ladder in our front yard, which in our opinion was pretty irresponsible. Oh, and the other kid was still swinging at the tree with his hockey stick. You know, just for fun. SOB went out and tersely asked the kid to stop hitting the tree and he got kind of lippy with him, so we asked them to leave. 

At this point I don't care if we're burning bridges. Many of our neighbors won't have anything to do with us because we're not a part of their community. That is, unless, we have something they want. I'm not going to get into it, but next year we're putting up a sign that says the apples are poisoned. 

But you should totally try my pie. It's delicious! 

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HeatherK said...

That's just odd. Really. Glad SOB took care of it, but man, that's just weird.

susan said...

You have got to be kidding me. Just goes to show that people are idiots.

High Heeled Mama said...

And she probably thinks she's teaching her kids a valuable lesson in how to give to others. Meanwhile, they are also learning how to be totally disrespectful to someone else's property and the environment.

Ick. It's not even my tree or my neighbor and I'm totally irritated.

Anonymous said...

It is funny, isn't it? It's like...give 'em an inch and they hit ya with a hockey stick. Your pie looks poifect.

Aunt Nee

Arizaphale said...

Yea...some people just need boundaries.........:-(