Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last weekend I finally caved under years worth of pressure and permitted SOB to buy a television for our bedroom. Why? It's hard to say. It's only been in our room for nine days and I already hate it. I guess that I knew it would make him happy. Plus the prospect of zapping on an episode of Sesame Street when those those kids of ours get up super-early on Saturday mornings doesn't hurt. 

But the main reason I am regretting this decision is that almost every night for the past week and a half we've gone to bed over a hour later than usual. Wait, that's not entirely true. We physically go to bed at the same time as before, but we stay up later since we usually flip on the tube. I'm not a person who can fall asleep while the TV is on, but SOB is. What then happens is that I end up staying awake watching a show he wanted to see in the first place. I'm not the one dying to see the new episode of Mythbusters, but I usually end up watching it twice because SOB fell asleep during the initial viewing. The end result is  that I end up seeing the eleven o'clock hour tick by, and then I'm tired as hell the next day.

Yesterday I laid down the law. The TV must be off by ten o'clock. Nine thirty would be better. This will probably require some planning in order to get us in bed early enough to view certain programs. If that means that we have to physically be in bed while the sun is still out, so be it. 

Besides, spending more time in bed could be useful... 

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HeatherK said...

Does SOB not have Tivo? I got a flatscreen for the bedroom for my last birthday, but usually only watch it on the weekends and watch my tivo'd stuff during naps. I would have to impose a curfew as well!

Stacy said...

We have a TV in our bedroom that maybe gets watched once a month, while the kids bathe in our big tub. I never understood the watching tv in bed thing. That's what the flatscreen downstairs in the family room is used for.

Arizaphale said...

I am so against TV in the bedroom. Bedrooms are for sleep and other things. TV is a loungeroom thing. And I'm sure with a little creativity you can work 'other things' into the loungeroom thing huh?