Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Friends

A few months ago I met a girl at the Y in our swim class. I thought she was so nice, but I didn't want to be that weird girl in the kids' swim class who came on too strong, so I just played it cool. Luckily, she kinda liked me, too! She has a little girl who is almost exactly between Sam and Lucy in age, plus she is expecting this winter. Her daughter L-O-V-E loves Lucy and Sam L-O-V-E loves her daughter. It makes for an interesting dynamic.

In keeping with his will-only-ride-things-with-other-kids insanity, Sam was more than glad to jump on the choo-choo with his girly friend. Do you see that grin on his face? Well, it stayed there all damn day.

Good trains, good friends. What more could a boy want?

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Stacy said...

Oh, that is just too dang cute! I love finding friends in swim classes. :)

HeatherK said...

life is better with your friends! Man, we have a membership, I ought to stalk you, er meet up with you guys there sometime! ;-) Though with my crazy three, it's always like herding cats trying to do the zoo w/ friends. :-P I can't wait til the new PT museum opens near there.

Arizaphale said...

When we lived in the UK the BA had two best friends who were boys. We had some of the best times with those families. I am all for finding new friends wherever you can :-)