Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The End of the Innocence

Today Sam got a flu shot. After the injustices of yesterday you would think I'd give him a pass, but no. Since dad works in a big, urban hospital the flu is a clear and present danger in our house. The one time I got the flu I thought I was dying, and I almost got fired from my job. So I take this shit pretty seriously.

(Not that I've gotten a flu shot yet. But both kids and dad have had them. That counts for something, right?)


He sat on the table, blissfully unaware, shoveling mini M&Ms into his mouth. 

(More parentheses. Thank the effing christ that I bought that M&M Halloween sample pack. Those minis are great for the kids!)

Despite the advertisements, within minutes his hands and face were smeared with blue, red, green yellow and orange. There was probably some brown in there, too, but it was blending in. 

As I dutifully shook four or five more candies into his palm, the nurse attacked! His gaze, initially pointed at the sweets, turned upward. Tears came to the lip of his lids as he looked into my eyes quizzically. 

'Boo-boo! She give me boo-boo. Why, momma?'

Never mind that I spent the previous six hours explaining the shot to him, complete with demonstrations using his toy doctor kit. The shock on his face was enough to crumble a mother's heart. However, we want him to know that shots are important to keep him healthy, and that he shouldn't be afraid, even if they hurt for a little while. I didn't chastise him for crying, but I did layer on the praise for being brave and acting like a big boy. 

Guess which one stuck? As soon as we got home, Sam told his daddy all about his boo-boo, and how he was a big boy who didn't cry too much and got a fun band-aid, M&Ms and a lollipop. I was very proud, but pretty much convinced that from here on out our visits to the doctor are going to be either met with fear or desire for sugary treats.

And then for three hours we dealt with our 'big boy; on a sugar rush. Good times!

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HeatherK said...

I got mine last week and the girls get stuck tomorrow. How glad am I that I read this. I was goin' in without m&ms. What was I thinking!?? I think a pounder should do, ya think?

High Heeled Mama said...

I need to get mine. Peanut got the nasal spray version which was FABULOUS! I totally recommend it. It's only for kids older than two, but no freaking out over getting pricked.

Stacy said...

Uh, yeah. Always be prepared with candy, coookies, or stickers. Anything so they don't shake the rafters with their crying. ;)