Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most Sincere

Last Friday we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. As a child I remember going to a barn which had massive piles of pumpkins and kids could just climb all over in search of the One. Most of the places I've been recently just have bins, or if we're lucky you can go into the fields. Either way, the kids had a blast, and since we went closer to closing time on a weekday they could both frolic about merrily!

Sam was very serious about his carrying responsibilities. Do you see the sign painted on the side of the bin? We read that to him six or seven times, and while he seemed to understand what we were saying, the number of times he dropped that pumpkin revealed to us that what he really heard was 'Blah blah blah drop the pumpkin!' 

Ah head holes! You know I'm a sucker for these. I have a shot of her in this from last year, but it's trapped on one of the external hard drives tucked into a closet or under a bed somewheres. We really need an office.

This was the only shot of them together being somewhat still. Unfortunately we couldn't pull Lucy's attention from the fascinating hay even for a second. Even with a cell phone. I'm new to playing around with black and white, but I kind of like how this came out!

And finally, just for fun, some of the featured gourds. This was only one of four or five rows like this. We ended up leaving there with two of these bad boys, a fairy tale pumpkin and an orange striped cushaw variety. Plus seven funky little gourds. We're hoping to harvest some seeds from these and grow our own next year. Speaking of, we already had the little pumpkin from the backyard, so that takes our pumpkin tally to five big and seven small. Twelve all together. 

I think we might have a small impulse control problem.


For more Fall shots, check out Theme Thursday over at The Land of K.A. 

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Stacy said...

Wow, you guys have a lot of pumpkins! That looks like there were loads of bins at that place, too. The kids are darling and love the black and white conversion. Nice job!

Joanna said...

That picture of your daughter in the witch hole is hilarious!

Killlashandra said...

Those are some big bins full of pumpkins wow! As for dropping the pumpkin, my 3 year old has that problem too. And rolling them across the floor and then when I say he's going to hurt or damage the pumpkin he starts kissing it. It's too funny. :)

Arizaphale said...

Love the shot of the boxes and boxes of pumpkins. Makes me want to start a bonfire and drag out the gloves that I've just packed away :-)
Spring here of course!

Linda said...

I was there with Sebastian on the same day just around close'n could we not have run into each other? Fun time though!