Sunday, October 19, 2008

He Got No Game

Several years ago I bought my husband a PlayStation 2 for Christmas. All of his electronic purchases were always so practical, and I knew that as a boy he was into the video game stuff, so it seemed like a natural fit. He was excited, and for three weeks he played Grand Theft Auto Vice City almost non-stop. Then his work schedule changed up and he got pretty busy. Since he was so tired when he got home, he would just eat and fall asleep. No video games. 

That was at least four years ago. Maybe five. Guess when the last time my husband played a video game was? But every year when we go on vacation he insists of dragging the old PS2 along for the drive. He rationalizes that vacation is a perfect time to play video games, and as a bonus it's also a DVD player! His argument is pretty weak, though, because he never plays it and in this modern era most vacation homes also come equip with a DVD player of their own. 

And yet where does this relic PS2 reside? In my living room, in the makeshift TV cabinet right under the other (real) DVD player we own. Any attempts I've made at getting rid of this have been met with loud protest. Even though a month ago he bought a new PS3 because, he rationalized, it's also a blu-ray player. We absolutely need a blu-ray player, didn't you know? 

In one month's time, we've watched exactly two movies on blu-ray. And that copy of Grand Theft Auto IV? Hasn't even been taken out of it's shrink wrap.


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Arizaphale said...

Don't start me on boys and video games. I sit here on weekends while the Small Boy and his mates (average age 9) go through every X Box game they own. The conversations are hilarious and I occasionally stick my head around the corner and say 'you know it isn't real don't you?' to which they all look at me like I was a complete eejit! I would be secretly pleased that SOB didn't play the thing 24/7 :-)

Anonymous said...