Friday, October 17, 2008


Do you know that old adage about headlights? That when one goes out that the other is sure to follow? Did you know it can apply to washers and dryers as well? 

On Wednesday night I washed the kids' clothes and threw them into the dryer. Our dryer is old, but it's a battle axe and usually setting it for an hour does the trick and then some. SOB likes to use the sensor, but I have found that it usually runs longer that way. We headed off to bed before the buzzer went off, but no big deal. I have absolutely no problem sending my children out in wrinkled clothes. Lucy's favorite game right now is emptying drawers, so I don't even bother folding them most of the time. Wrinkling is inevitable. 

After I dropped Sam off at school on Thursday I headed home to do some more washing. I had changed all of our sheets, so there was a-plenty. I started a load in the washer and open the door to to get the kids' stuff out of the dryer when I smelled it. You know that smell, right? The 'damp clothes that sat in the dryer overnight' smell? Putrid. I reached in and felt the wet dankness inside. Since the washer was already going full tilt, I pulled the smelly clothes out and figured I'd wait and see. Maybe there was just some sort of malfunction on that particular cycle.

I bet you know how that turned out, huh?

Yeah, so the dryer was broken. It would tumble, but there was no heat. I put as many items as possible on the drying rack and put the rest in the machine. I figured after a while on the tumble cycle they should be dry.

Ten hours later they were finished.

This morning, I reasoned that the kids' stinky clothes needed to be washed before they began to actually mold. I threw them in the washer before we went to swimming class thinking that I could do the same thing as yesterday. Since they were kids clothes, I reasoned, I could fit more of them on the drying rack and then the rest wouldn't take as long on tumble. Except that when I got home from the Y and went to transfer them they were soaking wet, soapy and still a little smelly. When I tried to re-run the spin cycle, the room filled with that awful 'burnt motor' smell. 

Seriously, within 36 hours both my washer and dryer both up and died on me. I feel like this has to be some kind of conspiracy. 

So with five loads of laundry in my queue, guess who headed off to Lowe's to inquire about next day delivery?

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Lora said...

please tell me you are getting the washer and dryer pictured. And that you guys will go out and I can come over when the moon is full and press my naked body against it during the spin cycle.

susan said...

Whose karma did you piss on to deserve both your dryer and washer going out at the same time? That's just harsh.