Friday, October 10, 2008

No More Tears My ASS!!!

Today after Sam's swimming class we hit the showers. I reached for some shampoo and pooled some in my palms. As I moved my hands up towards my hair a small droplet of said shampoo plopped right into my eye.

And then began the burning. The mother. Effing. Burning. It was like someone took a flaming stick, doused it with acid and jammed it in my eye.

Care to take a guess at what type of shampoo I was using? 

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Lora said...

Oh, once in high school we tested that theory, on purpose! It's awful.

The regular shampoo is the pits. (Oh, and if you never have tried diaper rash cream on your own chafed lady parts, let me tell you that it burns like an emmer effer. The only kinds (in my experience) that don't are A&D and Butt Paste. Please don't ask why I've had chafed genitals.

With J&J, the Head to Toe stuff is much gentler than the regular old clear yellow stuff.

susan said...

Ouch! Makes my eyes water just to read about it.

Guess it's time to go shopping for an alternative or covering the babies eyes in the tub. Sigh. One more task to add to the list in the name of keeping our kiddos happy and sighted.

Arizaphale said...

Sue 'em.