Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Well, She Is Dry

I am weary.

Tomorrow we leave for regions west, and to be honest I am really not looking forward to any of it. Not the drive, not the visiting, not the food. Well, maybe the food, but just a little. 

I have zero Christmas spirit this year and it's really fucking pissing me off. In general I love Christmas, and ever since Sam was born I have been hungrily awaiting the first year that he 'gets' it. This is the year, which is only deepening my anger over being all 'bah humbug' all the time. I was holding out for Friday when we're taking the kids to see Santa, thinking that maybe seeing my boy's eyes when he sits on the big man's lap would be just the thing to snap me out of this funk. Unfortunately for me, he saw Santa walking around the mall on Monday when he went with his Auntie to make a Build-a-Bear. It's not her fault, but it kind of ruined my moment I was anticipating. 

Throw into the mix a lot of fighting relatives, only a dozen or so Christmas cards in the mail, an entire egg shell dropped into the mixer of my only batch of cookies and a week full of days where every minute of our time is scheduled and what you get in the end is one bitchy lady. Well, bitchy and weepy, which is just so...I can't even think of a word for it.

I'm just hoping that it's pms or something that will go away with lots of sleep and/or self medicating. 

Until then, Happy Fricking Holidays.

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susan said...

I had something profound to say, but happened to glance at my wvw and completely lost my train of thought. It's "bediless", by the way. Not completely unrelated to the topic at hand, I'm guessing. God knows we've been more than a bit bediless since we got back! Happy Fricking Holidays back atcha... if you find the spirit, consider sending a bit of it this way, preferably in a tall glass of something fermented.

Linda said...

I hear ya! I feel like Christmas is going to pass me b and I am going to miss it! Not to mention my son's first b-day on December 26th, I have to make him a soy, dairy, egg and peanut free b-day cake and that is just not fun! So basically we will be eating cooked flour with some fruit on it oh and one candle sticking out! URGGGGGhhhhh!

Stacy said...

Sounds like you are overcommitted. Last year I was like that because we had so much going on. This year I'm happily NOT planning at getting together with every person we know over the holidays. Time to start saying NO!

Mrs. Chicken said...