Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Angry Snowman Christmas

When I was a child both of my grandmothers had ceramic Christmas trees with little clear plastic decorations that would glow when a light bulb within the tree was turned on. My paternal grandmother's was all white with little blue birds all over it and my maternal grandmother's was traditional green with colorful bulbs all over. For as long as I can remember these captivated my attention entirely. Maybe since I was just a little child I enjoyed the small scale of the tree, or maybe it was the mystery of those lighted decorations. I remember pulling them out and being mystified because they no longer were glowing. Then I would put them back in place and light up myself when the light would return. 

Last Christmas our neighbors brought this for us:

It's very similar to my Grammy's particular tree, only with the addition of a somewhat angry snowman. Although one of my friends pointed out that he might just be Asian, and not angry. You be the judge. 

It doesn't really matter if he's mad or just culturally insensitive because my kids adore him. As soon as I plug it in they come running and just stare and marvel at the little lights, even though its merely four feet from our seven-plus foot tall Christmas tree. It makes me smile. I hope that as we all grow older we can remember and re-capture little moments like these not just at Christmas but all year round.


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Jen said...

How funny. Now that you mention it. My grandmother had a similar tree. I love the angry snowman.

Christina said...

ASIA !!!!

Megan said...

kids do love the funniest holiday things!

Arizaphale said...

Glad to hear you sounding a bit more cheery too.

Stacy said...

Oh, I remember my grandma having one of those, too. :) Only...not with the angry-Asian snowman. ;)

Cara said...

Love it. We had the same ceramic trees, I even have one of my Grandmothers. Some of the plastic light are broke and the ceramic chipped. I still put it out and it fascinates my two year old.