Friday, January 30, 2009

This Is Why I Call it the Cave

The basement is my husband's domain. I venture into the little room where the washer and dryer live, but I try my best to avoid the rest of the space. He has all of his brewing equipment down there and it's filled with tubes and buckets and spare refrigerators. That's my one and only reason to duck into his brewery cave. I use the one freezer for storage of extra nuggets and pizzas for the kids. 

Yesterday we got a cake from the neighbors for a dinner party we're having tonight. Since it has a cheese cream based frosting, we needed to refrigerate it until tonight, but our kitchen fridge was packed to the gills. SOB suggested I take it into the basement and stick it in the fridge down there. Since he only keeps bottled beer in that one he was confident I would find room. 

As I shifted around the beer bottles to make a little more room for the box, my eye caught a glimpse of something covered in aluminum foil towards the back. A little more rearranging and I was able to discern what was lurking back there.

Left over pumpkin pie. From Thanksgiving. That I recall asking SOB to throw away, oh, on December 1st. I'm half surprised that he didn't try and collect some of the mold for a new brew. That piece by the crust is sure to have some yeast in it, right?

Check back in later to hear all about my triangle head. Here's a little preview: BANGS!?!?!!? WTF WAS I THINKING?!???!?!

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Lora said...

i've been meaning to let you know that I wasn't happy with my decisions to get bangs two months ago, and now they are just barely to the point where they almost aren't bangs anymore. i never like them, i don't know why i go back.

susan said...

Mmmmm, tasty.

Although if that's all the mold that's managed to grow in two months, I'm not certain you even NEED a fridge down there!

Arizaphale said...

Niiiiice. We get this to, but in the fridge upstairs. That is what gladwrap* is for, to incubate mould before you throw it out.

*saranwrap in US I think