Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Was That Thing Called Again? Oh Yeah, Content!

What with all of the shit I've been giving away, I've forgotten to, you know, actually write about things. 

This week has been highly productive in that I've made no less than 267 appointments for the coming weeks, including a trip to my friendly neighborhood therapist. And Sam's first dentist appointment! And three separate appointments to three separate OB/GYNs! How exciting is that? Plus I had my car in the shop (twice), my dishwasher repaired, I spent the day with a friend and her daughter, worked out three days in a row and I'm getting a tumor hacked off of my jawbone tomorrow morning.

Ew! And also Ow!

I'll break it down bit by bit, because together it's just a little much.

I guess the whole giveaway thing came about because I was feeling pretty crummy about 2008 and I wanted to start things off right in 2009 by putting some happiness out into the universe. That kind of ties into the whole going back to therapy thing, too. SOB has been hinting since summertime that maybe I should revisit the couch at least a couple of times a month. Since we're back in our old neighborhood and my old therapist is still just around the corner it wasn't a horrible idea, but for some reason I wasn't keen on it. I just shrugged him off and dismissed the idea as soon as possible. 

But then.

Well, I realized last week that throughout december I hardly took any pictures, even when we were back in Pittsburgh and celebrating Christmas. I know it seems silly, but that was what made the light bulb go on. Most months I take literally thousands of photos, but the numbers had been dwindling month-by-month through the fall and into winter. When I realized what was going on in my head I couldn't un-realize it. I made the call because I don't want to wait for things get worse. 

And then there's the whole three OB/GYN appointments. But that's another story for another rainy day.

So let's just say that I'm hoping that by clearing some things out and helping to make some other peoples' days that maybe at some point in 2009 I'll clear out my heart and my head and have a good day myself. 

All that I have to look forward to

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Lora said...

All the cool kids are in therapy. Welcome to the club! I go because I don't get enough time to talk about me on my blog and in my house. Ha!

susan said...

Welcome back ;). The girlfriend who "introduced" me to my talky-doc has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with him for 10 years. Something about not being able to break the habits of 30+ years overnight. But you're a young 'un, so maybe you'll get through it quicker.

super des said...

it will probably be nice to talk to someone who isn't your child anyway right?


Arizaphale said...

I missed this post! And as a recipient of some of that 'happiness' you doled out I can say THANKYOU! It did help!
I loved my time in counselling. Three years all up I think. Boy it was worth it. You go girl.