Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Very First Post About Photography! Wherein I Actually Impart Some Wisdom*!

I'm not technically skilled as a photographer. I would argue that I'm barely even that talented as a photographer, but I like taking pictures. Occasionally I get one that I really love, but it's just luck and loads of persistence. To help improve my lot, I read several different photography blogs to try and increase my knowledge base. Honestly, though, 9 times out of 10 I'm still shooting in mostly automatic mode, with the flash off of course. 

Lately, however, I've been running into a problem. Every morning I've been shooting Lucy for the 'month of bedhead' and her room only gets western exposure. Which means? Piss poor lighting. Without the flash, I get this: 

Sickly, jaundice baby. But when I turn the flash on, I get this:

Over-exposed, washed out baby. What's a girl to do? I could shell out some bucks for a fancy flash that I could reflect off of the ceiling, but we just got totally nailed on our taxes, so all extraneous spending must cease. 

So I took to the internets! And I found this nifty DIY flash diffuser at All Day I Dream About Photography that you can make at home from an empty milk jug. Lo and behold, it actually kind of works. 

Not bad for a SOTC image. Still a bit warm, but a little post processing could fix that right up. 

So if you are like me (poor, and hate using your flash) then check out the instructions above. Then you can pretend you are a fancy pants super awesome photographer type like me. Maybe we can form a club.

*Borrowed wisdom counts, right?

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Heather said...

She looks pretty pleased with your efforts! :-) Do you have a dSLR? I love the puffer/diffuser from Gary fong--it's a little flimsy, but compact and portable.

susan said...

Yeah, so, um. I read "pornography" instead of "photography" and although I had second thoughts about possibility of our friendship going through an awkward phase or seven, I was totally ready to take notes.


Lucy is adorable.