Friday, March 27, 2009

To Snip or Not To Snip? Part Four!

Last month you might recall a little photo project I did with Lucy and her bed head. The end goal was to take her in for her first haircut after the project was completed.

I still haven't done so.

You might also recall how much difficulty I had when it came to cutting Sam's hair for the first time. Even just earlier this year when he went from a mop-top-Beatles-esque hair-do to his current spiky style I kind of lost my composure a little. So yeah, I have issues with hair.

But she's a girl! Girls are allowed to have long hair! And she's finally letting me pull it back with barrettes and things to keep it out of her face occasionally! Which is adorable! I can't cut it! Don't make me! Nooooooooooooo!

That's approximately how my end of the conversation between me and SOB goes, in regards to Lucy's hair. He, of course, is the more practical (some might say mature) one, and doesn't see what the big fuss is all about.

Look at her hand. She is bring me a clip to put in her hair because she loves it so much! LOVES!

So I've been doing some research. There are a few little girls in Sam's class at school who have never had a haircut, and they are all 3+ years in age! Most of the others have the blunt cut bangs, but the two who have never seen the business end of the scissors have long, lovely all one length hair. Which requires little to no maintenance! No paying $17 for pesky bang trimmage. More importantly, no ultra-super-short bangs as a result of mom trying to save $17 by trimming them at home. 

So who's with me? All in favor of eschewing haircuts for Lucy until grade school raise your hand!

(FYI, In my head you are all raising your hands. All 14 of you. You guys are awesome!)

All opposed? 

(Crickets chirping. Again, in my head.)

So it's settled then. When SOB gets home I'll tell him that me and all of my imaginary internets took a vote and Lucy's hair will be spared. There's no way he can argue with me then, right?



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And did you ever wonder what happened with My Pet? Click over to Philly Moms Blog to read all about it! 

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Heather! said...

We didn't trim/cut my oldest's hair til she was past three. Though last fall I was so tired of the hair combing/fixing shenanigans that I took them to a hair choppery place and got them identical angled bobs before school started!

Let it grow!

Lora said...

please don't cut it! and if you do, no bangs. they look so stupid most of the time because she will push them out of her face with her puddingy hands.

wait as long as possible, and then like heather you can do something adorable and trendy

susan said...

Perhaps because all of us older girls fell victim to Mom's mixing bowl and scissors, we all lobbied very hard to keep her from cutting our youngest sister's hair. I think she was in middle school before she ever had more than a 1/4 inch trimmed from it. And if I had a girl, I'd totally go that way.

super des said...

Don't cut it. Shoot, I don't even get my own hair cut, and I don't have fresh pretty baby hair like she does.

laura-dolcepics said...

Hope you didn't have to cut her hair... why cut when it's so pretty and she's actually wiling to put barrettes in her hair? Mine hate barrettes and elastics so I have to keep her hair short. :(

Here's the latest cut:

And what she looks like in the front. I wish she had longer hair though. :)

Arizaphale said...

Before I saw the pic of Lucy, I thought this post was about circumcision. :-)
Just sayin. I cut the BA's hair when she was one. It was thin and ridiculous and in her eyes before hand. It was thin and ridiculous and had a super short fringe afterwards. Ooops.