Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days Go Passing Into Years

Only one week and two days after the last photo, I'm worried that these babies are going to be ready to go into the ground before the ground is ready for them! We spent Sunday tearing up and expanding last year's plot, and SOB is planning to buy a small roto-tiller this week for even more yard destroying fun! From left to right we have beans, peas and three types of tomatoes. And this is just one tray of three bursting with new green life. My taste buds are filled with longing.

Speaking of babies...

I am at the end of my first trimester. I'll be thirteen weeks tomorrow. Impressive, especially if you consider that this is what I looked like at twenty weeks when I was pregnant with Sam. If you click that link, please promise that you won't comment on how much thinner I was then, 'cause when I found the photo I almost cried. My arms! Were so skinny! And my back! Had no back rolls! And my boobs! Were a normal size! 

End rant. I will be that skinny again some day, I swear on my mutha. 

In other, much-greater-passing-of-time-related news, Pearl Jam's reissue of their debut album Ten landed on my doorstep yesterday. Because I am the ultimate fanboy (or girl, if you will) I got the 'so expensive my husband almost divorced me' edition with all the dvds and fancy doo-dads and ticket reproductions. It also contains a cassette and four record albums, so if anyone out there is local and owns a record player, or knows some magical way to convert vinyl to digital, drop me a line! 

I don't tend to get sentimental about music, but it's hard for me to believe that it's been eighteen years since this album came out. I remember being in middle school when my dad bought Ten. I remember loving it, but not telling anyone because all of my coolkid friends were into Dr. Dre and Snoop. I remember watching them on Unplugged and almost crying. I didn't see them live until 2003 (mostly because of my college era obsession with all things Ani DiFranco and Indigo Girls) but since then I've taken every opportunity I've had to see them live. I've sat in the front row and I've rocked my ass off at seven months pregnant. I have a live recording of every show I've seen, and a few that I haven't. 

I don't want to get all overly analytical about my Pearl Jam obsession, so I'll just end with saying that they are the greatest rock bank in history. I'm not looking for any debates or arguments (Danny), I'm just stating my opinion. And this is my blog, so my opinion is the only one that counts! Nyah! 

What made you feel old today?

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susan said...

Not today, but it'll do: Over hearing "Well, you know I'll be 30 in two years." from the mother of one of the kids in the Mommy & Me type preschool class we've been going to. It wasn't so much that she said it as it was the way she followed it up with the "and then life will be over because, really, who lives much past 30" eye roll that got to me. I'm pretty sure the smile I flashed her said "Talk to me when you're a little closer to 35, biotch." If nothing else, we are going to learn friend-making skills in this class, oh yes we are.

Anonymous said...

Good Muppets reference

Arizaphale said...

Sorry, but I think you look better now.
I take my hat off to you and all other vegetable growers.