Saturday, June 13, 2009

Theme Thursday Week 10!

Welcome to week 10 of Theme Thursday at The Cheese Party! I've been trying all morning to come up with a good theme, but I. Am. Exhausted! Last night SOB and I went to see Eddie Vedder in concert, and when we got home we watched the Penguins pull out a miraculous victory in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. I bet my father cried. I almost cried, both at the concert and at the game, but I'm hormonal.

Anyway, now that summer is here (unofficially) and school is out, I'm anticipating some low key days ahead. Starting with today, so mom can rest up a little! So onto this week's theme!

Week 10 Theme: Lazy

As in, the lazy days of summer and all that. With little kids, I doubt there will be much sleeping in, but aside from camp weeks I'm hoping to keep scheduled activities to a minimum.

Come back on Thursday to share your lazy summer plans!

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Heather! said...

In keeping with last week's luck, I'm guessing in the week ahead I will not get 10 seconds to sit down, we'll go, go, go every day and... ;-)

Now with everyone out of school, it does feel a bit lazier. V. jealous of the Eddie Vedder show!

Amy Jo said...

The show was A-mazing! I'm a huge fan of the band and was so excited for a chance to see EV solo. I actually had a ticket for the thursday night show as well, but ended up selling it because I was going to have to go alone. If SOB hadn't come through with a pair for last night, though, I totally would have gone alone!

I really hope I don't have some sort of evil magical power wherein I cause opposite reactions to every theme. Although, I suppose if I did I could use it for good. I could just pick awful themes like 'povery' and 'war' and hope that my powers would cause abundant wealth and peace!