Thursday, July 23, 2009

Theme Thursday: Food, Family, and Memories in the Making

I have such vivid memories of attending lamb roasts as a child. My grandfather would have one every summer, and even though I hated the lamb itself, I loved spending time with all of my family. The kids would run wild and eat everything but lamb. Now that my grandparents are older, my uncle has taken over the family tradition, but little else has changed.


Just like when I was a kid, all of the adults clamour around the lamb as soon as it comes off of the spit. An entire lamb may seem like enough to feed a family, but with seven brothers and their families, it's always a 'first come, first served' type of situation. Usually some well intentioned daughter-in-law is able to escape with a heaping plate for the older relatives, but you can always catch her sneaking a bite or two on her way back to the porch.


There is plenty to eat besides the lamb, though!


Everyone pitches in and brings either a side dish or dessert. My mom always makes the fruit salad, and when she can't anymore, and then it's my job. That's the way things are done in this family.

Naturally, my kids are as averse to the lamb as I was at their age. But they couldn't get enough of the cupcakes.


Have you caught anyone chowing down lately? Share your link in the comments!

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Megan said...

i'm late, late this week...but better late than never, eh?

chow down

Leslie said...

My grandfather says he could eat lamb for every meal, any way, every day.
Love this family food tradition! You don't see enough spits these days. :)

chaoticfamily said...

I love all the photos - well maybe not the meaty one (don't eat it)- lol - but it's a good shot too.

Hooray for family get togethers.

Here is mine late - I know!

Arizaphale said...

Sheesh. I forgot I hadn't commented here. I was interrupted the first time...I don't know, something about having to go to work or something...
Spit roasts used to be really popular here in the 80s but seem to have gone out of fashion. I had one for my 21st birthday at a friend's house. I remember we dug up their garden to make a pit for the roast. And it was a rented house. oops.
I can still remember the way the lamb melted in your mouth however.
Here's my foody contribution.