Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty Marks

I've been pregnant three times now. Some 113 weeks, give or take. I've had my share of pregnancy related symptoms, good and bad.

(I can hear all you mothers out there saying to yourselves, 'What good pregnancy side effects, crazy beeyotch?' Well, let me google that for you.)

Remarkably, my first two pregnancies were so similar that I was convinced I was having twins this third time around. The insomnia and nausea were just the beginning of a whole host of side effects, some new and some not, of this gestational period. For the most part, they haven't been too unusual. I mean, I really didn't think my stretch marks could get any bigger, but that's still sort of par for the course. But the one thing that is bugging me out a little?

I've got it. The mask of pregnancy. I'm not normally a super-freckly type of gal, but now every time I get a blemish of any kind, once it heals a freckle is left in its wake. Also, I have what I refer to as a "coffee splotch" between my eyes.

Let me explain: You know how sometimes when you're enthusiastically taking a sip of something, especially a warm brown liquid typically served in a mug, you get a little splash on the tip of your nose or between your eyes? And then you forget about it for a few hours until you happen by a mirror and notice a weird brown splotch on your face? I have that, but like forever. No amount of spit bathing will make it go away.

Here, take a look:

Please ignore the redness around my eyebrows. That is from an unrelated waxing incident.

I know it looks faint here, but in real life, in the light of day, pretty much everyone can notice my new facial markings. I started to draw circles and arrows on this photo where all of my new spots are, but before I was even halfway finished, my whole face was a purple blob.

What? Purple is my favorite color, hence purple arrows and circles.

So here I am, splotchy and anxious every time I feel a pimple coming on. Anyone out there have any tips or words of wisdom for me? Will these markings, unlike my miles of stretch marks, eventually fade away or will the coffee splotch become part of my life? Halp!

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Melissa said...

I think you look beautiful and like you just got back from a super rad beach vacation.

Megan said...

i know it's hard in the summer, but try not to get too much sun on your face; it tends to darken the "pregnancy mask" and make it more difficult to get rid of. that said, i wouldn't have noticed anything amiss in that photo had you not pointed it out :).

Amy Jo said...

Oh how I wish it were true!

Arizaphale said...

Welcome to my world although it has nothing to do with pregnancy! Some cosmetic co.s produce creams that fade sunspots, purportedly. I say just love the face you have :-). Yours is a pretty good one!!!
Oh yea, and keep out of the sun.

Lora said...

I had it too, and two of the marks are still there. I sort of like them though. They blend right in with self tanner.

Good old self tanner!