Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lucy, Top Chef, and 6 Degrees of Separation

As any good reality TV junkie/foodie knows, the new season of Top Chef began last week. SOB and I have been big fans of this show for a while now, and have even made trips to visit some of the chef's restaurants in the past. We've never, however, had the pleasure of eating at one of the contestants' restaurants before they've been on the show. Until now.

A few years ago (2 years plus 38 weeks, give or take) SOB and I went on a date down in Hotlanta. We had a lovely dinner at a french bistro and then ended the evening at a wine bar in Midtown. There was a good deal of wine consumed by yours truly, and little Lulu may or may not have been conceived that evening once we said goodbye to the babysitter.

We were sitting watching the first episode of Top Chef as the chef-testants introduced themselves, and we recognized the name of the restaurant one guy was talking about. 'Hey! We've eaten at ENO before! Cool!' we said to one another. And then there were a few moments of silence as we both recalled the details of the night.

Needless to say, we rooting for Eli to win the whole damn thing!


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My friend Carrie had a little baby boy yesterday, and I'm dying! First: he is just too lovely for words.

Second: OMG I'm going to have a baby soon! In my head, the timeline had Lucy's birthday and the birth of Carrie's baby as the final two things that had to occur before our own little scrunchy faced lovely could arrive. Carrie was due on September 1st, so, again, in my head there was going to be more time between Lulu's party and her baby's arrival. Now my whole sense of schedule has been shattered and I'm in full blown panic mode! Where's the car seat? Bassinet? Do I have any diapers/onesies/nipple balm? Holy crap!

I'm just going to go and stare at the photos of this little man for a while now to calm me down...

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