Friday, December 08, 2006

Because Life, Like Cheese, Is Good

Yesterday I got a mention from Amy over at Mom's Daily Dose! Which? Awesome! Did you know she is the queen of everything? For those of you new here to the Cheese Party, welcome! Would you like to take a stab at my contest? And also a big ole' wet kiss to the lovely readers who rewarded my whining yesterday by participating in the contest extravaganza. You are too good to me.

Speaking of cheese, our date last night was fantastic. We ate a lot of cheese, and drank some tasty wines, and had several teeny tiny desserts. I'm a sucker for a miniature tarte tartan. And? There were these two French guys playing guitar and singing Christmas carols. IN FRENCH! One of them actually wore a beret!

After we ate the restaurant out of mini desserts, we went to a little wine bar. We hadn't planned to go there, but our dinner was paced a little too quickly. As in we were done and out the door in under an hour. The problem was, our babysitter was at the house watching Survivor, and it wouldn't be over for another twenty minutes. I didn't want to see the ending, but I also didn't want to make her miss the ending. Lame, I know. So we decided to drive around for a few minutes until the show was over, and we accidentally drove right to the cutest little wine bar. We had the loveliest little cheese plate, and we shared a wine paring. Absolutely yummy!

And the Steelers won.

All in all, I'd say it was a damn fine day.

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Susan said...

Can't decide which is tastier... your date-dinner or the pictures in the previous post! Sounds like a grand night and then to wake up to such a glorious dawn? 'Bout time the universe started tossing the good your way!!!

Damselfly said...

Une veille de Noel, Pere Noel lui dit: "Rodolph, avec ton nez si beau, guidez s'il vous plait mon traineau."

Did they sing that one?


super des said...

That's excellent. I heart wine and cheese and tiny deserts.

I'm still not playing in your contest, because I'm stubborn like that.

Lauren said...

Sounds like a dream date!
I am not daring to enter the contest because it all looks so...gross.

Amy Jo said...

Hee! I think it's fun to gross peeps out!

They didn't sing that one damselfly, but it would have been fun if that had! It was so cool because they would start the instrumental, and I was thinking the words in my head, but then they would start singing in French.