Sunday, August 16, 2009

SPIDER! Must Stop!*

Spiders. My life is overrun with spiders.

I appreciate that all creatures have their place in nature. Even bees, which I kind of hate, perform certain important tasks, like pollinating my garden. Likewise, spiders, while not my favorite bug on the block, eat up other, more pesky bugs. In general, I say live and let live when it comes to the eight legged set.

Until they invade. I don't know if it's everywhere or just here, but it's like we're running some kind of arachnid club med. In the yard they've spun a web in every conceivable nook and cranny. But the worst is on the porch.

Our porch is screened in, but not enclosed. I think that's the crux of the problem. The gaps in the screen doors are ample enough to allow ants and flies in, and when there is an abundance of ants and flies spiders are sure to follow. We also have an abundance of toys on the porch. Riding toys and tonka trucks and the like, the undersides of which make for lovely little spider nests. Not for catching flies, of course, but for hatching their little progeny.



You know it's bad when we consider throwing toys away rather than killing and cleaning the ka-jillion baby spider carcasses from their undersides.

So today I spent over an hour outside with my trusty Dyson sucking up webs and bugs and spiders galore. I'm hoping that the whirling vortex inside the canister was enough to kill them.

But just to be safe, I'm making SOB take it down to the street to empty it.

*I may perhaps be inclined to send a prize to the first person who correctly identifies the song and artist this title references.

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susan said...

Once I stop with the phantom itching after looking at that picture, I'll try to figure out your little riddle. Until then, YEEKS! and *shudder*. Maybe a "blech" or two for good measure.

Arizaphale said...

Oh NO! I am about to go into respiratory failure. I loathe the good spider with all my being and I WELL know the invasion scenario. Once last summer as I tried to work in the garden without tripping over spiders everywhere, I had to come inside and lie down and have a panic attack!!!! NOT nice. I felt under siege. Hope the dyson did it's job!!