Thursday, September 17, 2009


First there was this:


And this:

He wanted to make sure his backpack was in the shot!

To say I was anxious about Sam going to pre-school would be an extreme understatement. In the spring, when he was at the old school, his teacher starting filling my head with worries about his 'concentration levels' and his 'physical impulse control issues.' She was a lovely girl who had just graduated and had all of this book learning in her head, but maybe not quite enough experience in dealing with three year old boys, I think. But her words got inside my head, and all summer I had nightmares of Sam getting expelled from Montessori by day three.

Needless to say, that is not the case. He seems to be loving it there, and all reports from his teacher are overwhelmingly positive. He comes home every day singing a new song and doesn't hesitate to tell me about his day, which was something he had trouble with last year. I think the structure is doing him a world of good, and he has been much more well behaved and sweet at home as a result.

On to the girl baby!

Something clicked for my little Lucy in regards to her new bed. In just one day she went from this:

Sweet but defiant child who thinks her bed is a place to hoard books and not for sleeping. Ever.

To this:


Can you see that passed out little girl up there? Maybe she realized how comfy and cozy it was, or maybe she just got too damn tired, but after three napless days, she collapsed in her bed and hasn't given us a problem since. Hold on a sec while I find something wooden to knock on furiously...

With all of these changes going on, I can only hope I'm next.

Here are V 1.0 and V 2.0 for comparison!


I still have thirteen days until my official due date, and while I know that isn't set in stone, I am just about ready to move on from this state. This hugely enormous, uncomfortable state. This state in which peeing my pants has become a routine thing, since this baby is sooooooooooo loooooow. I am ready to transition from being pregnant to having a newborn again.

Speaking of transitions, don't forget that next week Theme Thursday will be moving to Mental Inventory, hosted by Megan. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

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Megan said...

can't wait to see your latest "transition" :).


Anonymous said...

thinkin' of you with lots of love in your altered state. aunt nee

Arizaphale said...

Well, Theme Thursday just wasn't going to happen last week was it? Your shots are lovely however. I well remember that 'I've had enough of being pregnant' state and I am sending you good labour vibes!
So glad Sam is settling well into school. Sounds like it is just the right place for him.