Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nesting 3.0

Yesterday we bought a rug shampooer.

Guess what you can do with a rug shampooer, besides the obvious? You can clean upholstery!

For a few months now we've been keeping our red couches covered with these god-awful putty-colored covers. Yes, they're washable, but after only two washing they've gone and gotten all pilled. Plus they're constantly coming un-tucked, and I seem to be the only person in this household who has the magical ability to re-tuck them. Point being, the couch covers were giving me an eye twitch.

When we bough rugs for this house, we purposely bought inexpensive ones. Sam wasn't even two yet, and Lucy was a fresh, new babe. Somehow we were able to predict that buying nice, fancy would be a foolish decision. We were right, by the way. Unfortunately, our cheapy rugs have come to look a bit like crap, especially in high traffic areas. I did some online research (thank you amazon product reviews!) and we decided on a nifty new cleaning gadget.

Before I clicked 'order' we decided to go out shopping for some other junk we probably didn't need. (Although the sign making supplies to keep the pesky neighborhood kids away from my apple tree were an absolute necessity. I am 86 years old, you know.) As luck would have it, we were at Best Buy where the same model we had selected online was on sale. And we had a coupon. So suck on that, internets! Instead of $179.99 we paid $138 and some change! And I got to bring it right home and commence shampooing!

First I did the dining room rug. Then I decided to test out the upholstery brush. There was a brief period of time where there was some swearing, and some sweating, and some forcing SOB to read the directions aloud, but I got the damned thing working, And? It worked like a charm! I started with the seats on the dining room chairs. As I was scrubbing, as if struck by lightening, I realized that the lamely covered couches could potentially be saved!

I wish I had taken some before and after photos, but trust me when I say that they look practically brand new. My back feels ancient, but my couches look fabulous!

Oh, and I got a new stroller, cleaned the car seat, dug out the boppy, made strawberry jam and washed a big pile of onesies and receiving blankets. If anyone out there has any idea where the basinet insert for my pack-n-play might be located, I'm willing to pay good money for that intel. Come on baby! We're ready for ya!

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girlymama said...

i borrowed my mom's shampooer this spring and went totally nuts! they are so awesome!!!
you go with your nesting! i practically redecorated my whole house my 8th month. i was out of control :-)

susan said...

Ooooh-ooooh-ooooh! Is it still considered envy if the object is a carpet cleaner?

Arizaphale said...

Please come and do my carpets. I can give photo evidence of the necessity if it would help?
Hope your back has recovered.
I remember doing something like this when pregnant but as I was staying with my mum at the time, it was my sister's house I cleaned :-)
Oh well. Someone benefited.