Wednesday, September 09, 2009


All night last night I had ridiculously vivid dreams. One after another, dream after dream, I was hindered and held back from doing whatever I was aiming to do because of one crippling personal hygiene issue: I stunk like crazy stinky-stink.

In one dream, some school people wouldn't let me take Lucy home because I smelled so badly they believed I was some sort of vagrant. In another dream I couldn't get into the airport to meet a friend because of my stench. In another one my parents were shunning me because of my smell.

When I finally woke up to pee around 2am, I heard my kitty growling on my windowsill. After stumbling to and fro the potty, I realized that the stink I was smelling in my dream was persisting into my wakefulness. I looked out of the window, and though I couldn't see anything (it was 2am) I did smell something. Something distinctly skunky. Despite living in a semi-crowded suburban neighborhood, we sprayed by a skunk.

Either that, or someone in my 'hood was smoking something potent last night!

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Golightly said...

I don't think I can even begin to tell you our skunk experiences! Three (yes, 3) times our dog, Duke, {rest his soul} was skunked. Poor dumb dog just didn't get it. I've had more skunk sightings and close calls living in {crowded} Southern California than I ever did growing up in South Dakota! Go figure!

Oh, and I'm about to go there... I was pregnant the first time the dog got sprayed and it was so close and so bad the next morning I was belching up horrific skunk-gas smell! Oh - I so went there! I was still in my first trimester with morning sickness trying to commute to work and belching skunk! I thought Harrison was going to come out with a strip down his back!c