Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On Dreams and Being 36 Weeks Pregnant

My body is a bit weary these days. Despite the Y being closed this week, I feel as if I've been running more than ever. Errands and play dates and canning and weed pulling and whatever else gets thrown at me. By around this time each day, my feet ache and my back is throbbing.

Although I sound awfully complain-y above, I feel like this pregnancy is a bit easier going here in the end stages than Lulu's was. Sam's pregnancy was a cake walk start to finish, which is why he'll always be my favorite. (Kidding!) These days I usually manage to accomplish about 80% of what I set out to do on any given day, and I am even sleeping alright, occasionally.

I have, however, been having some rather annoying pregnancy related dreams this past week that make me want to violently injure someone. Every night when I go to sleep, I have dreams that I am going to or at the hospital, even though I don't seem to be in labor. The doctors and nurses, instead of sending me home as the would in real life, insist that I stay at the hospital until I do go into labor, since I'm so far along. Sometimes the dream concludes with me sitting in a waiting room for days on end, and other times I get a labor and delivery room where they won't let me eat anything. One dream took place at SOB's hospital, and I made him sneak me into a call room so that I could be left alone. Unfortunately I was some sort of pregnant fugitive and there was a hospital-wide manhunt for me.

Because I've been reading book after book on natural child-birthing, the rational part of my brain knows that I'm having these dreams because even though I might be ready for the baby to come out, the baby isn't quite ready to come out. It's like my body knows this, and it's trying to communicate to me via dreams. And I kind of want to say, 'Hey body, STFU, ok?' But then I try and get all new age-y with myself and remind myself that every day he or she stays in the womb makes for a healthier babe.

And then I have nightmares of going to 42 weeks and all I want to do is find the nearest bottle of wine or pitcher of margaritas and dive in. Hold me?

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susan said...

Oh, ick. The wanting it to be over but not wanting to rush it part sucks. No fun at all... I'm sorry!

Arizaphale said...

Well I don't know about you but the whole not being in control of the process freaked me out! No wonder you're having dreams. Just catching up after another hectic week....