Thursday, September 03, 2009


I had a lot of great ideas for this week's post that didn't come to fruition. For example, following in Miss Zoot's footsteps, I was planning to take Lucy out for a walk in her fancy dress-up dress, but she wasn't feeling entirely cooperative. And I took a bunch of shots of one particular subject, but I decided that they would make a better post on their own, rather than being Incorporated into Theme Thursday.

Luckily, with a two year old and a three year old, whimsy is often just around the corner, even in the most routine of settings. You just have to listen...


This is Sam the train, riding along the rails of our local playground. The exact same one he soiled on Monday! After he's had his fill of the slides and swings, he'll walk the wooden perimeter for as long as I'll let him, pretending to be a train.


This part of the playground has a bunch of tunnels that all lead to a central 'room' that my kids think is a spaceship. Sam often tries to chase Lucy away and then lure her back with a countdown to blastoff!


These are just a few shots from the same day. I was playing around a little and found the distortion in the mirror cool, and I was trying to mess with my face a la Apple's photo booth, but I was unsuccessful. This goofy shot of the slide worked out pretty well, though.


Last night we went down to south Philly for Wednesday Spaghetti and I snapped this photo of Lora's marbles, all present and accounted for.


And lastly, some early morning shots of our lone fairy tale pumpkin. We planted these purely for their whimsical appearance. Sadly, our yard seems to have more than its fair share of pumpkin pests, and the other two fruits that were growing along side this one have been completely decimated. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this one lives to see another week or two. I practically baby-sit it, looking for squash bugs or anything else that might be tempted to take a nibble.


Was there some whimsy in your week? Share in the comments!

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Megan said...

what fun photos. love the playground ones. your kids look like they actually enjoyed having their photos taken on the jungle gym!


Lora said...

so I didn't lose them after all?!?