Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unseasonably Seasonable

Today in Philadelphia the high is 66 degrees. In September. We've been sleeping with the windows open and even having to wear jackets occasionally. Last year it was hot as all get out and we were still getting tomatoes deep into September. I can't recall a time when we've had this kind of weather at this point in the year. It's turning my world on it's ear, to be sure. Not to mention forcing me out to buy the kids long pants before I was planning!

With all of this cool weather, it's hard not to start thinking about fall. Throw in all of the Halloween displays I've seen about town and the dozens of school buses riding by every morning, and you can see why we're firmly in autumn mode here at The Cheese Party.


Our pumpkin is thriving, for now. I still have to check it daily for bugs and whatnot, but it seems to be doing well. The kids love to watch as it turns from green to orange.


Some of the leaves on our rose of sharon bushes are starting to turn, as are the leaves on our neighbor's Japanese maple. The rose of sharon bushes turn one leaf at a time, and it's easy to count the passing of time via the leaves.


And the blush is on the apples! Most of them are pocked and a little yucky looking, but we think it might just be a surface issue. We brought one inside the other day to wash and taste, and while they're not quite ready, they look pretty good under the skins.


But in the midst of all of the seasonal change, my hydrangea put out some new, bright pink blossoms. What a lovely surprise, especially since they had previously given purple blooms. I was, well, tickled pink!

What fall photos do you have to share this week? Are the seasons changing rapidly in your neck of the woods, or is it just us? I can't wait to see!

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Lora said...

another blogger and I were talking about marketing hydrangeas to pregnant women since they are so wonderfully and randomly pink and blue. We said we could really start a racket if we claimed they could tell the sex of your baby by the color of the blooms that popped right before you did!

good thing they didn't come out green or cream.

also, I think the color of the bloom has to do with the acidity of the soil, which has to do with rain and stuff.

Megan said...

love the pumpkin photo. as of this morning, i have nothing for "fall" -- i'll try to post later:).

Golightly said...

Love the photos, the apple looks yummy. Wow, the only thing we have in our back yard is a lemon tree. I'm so NOT green thumbed.
After a LONG absence I've posted my Fall Theme Thursday, yeah!!

Arizaphale said...

I'm late but I'm here!!!!

Loving the bigger format for these sorts of shots.Beautiful.