Sunday, October 18, 2009

Those Other Kids, and Other Things

It's not all baby, all the time over here. Sam and Lucy still occasionally get photographed. Unfortunately, we had five days straight of rain and clouds, and I was just totally unmotivated to pick up the camera. I would never survive in the Pacific NW.

Anyway, we had a few short moments of sun on Saturday. We've been getting lots of fun packages, which the kids enjoy. They like helping me open the presents for Maggie, and then they get to play in the boxes.

Could you ask for a cuter gift?

Finally this morning the weather broke. Lucy's hair has gotten so long, and it looks absolutely precious in pigtails.

And just one of Maggie for the heck of it!

And some birds, because I thought they were pretty.

For the whole My Best Shot Monday she-bang, visit Tracy Clark at Mother May I.

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Killlashandra said...

Boxes make the best toys it's too true. :) Cute pictures.

Cara said...

Boxes are a big hit around here too. I can totally empathize with you and the weather. So glad it clear out on Sunday!

Photographing Mom said...

Your photos are beautiful!

Boxes are a hit here, too.

Megan said...

those ponytails are so cute. that's one thing i miss having two boys!

chaoticfamily said...

Haven't been in a while - so congrats on your sweet lil bundle - she is a doll! What lovely older siblings too - beautiful family.

Arizaphale said...

Great shot of the birds! As for the gorgeous kids..well it goes without saying. Love Maggie's wrinkled brow. The boxes remind me that I had planned to make a little something for Maggie. Unfortunately by the time I get past the wedding and the quilt...she may be ready for her first formal gown :-D