Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Three Ringed Circus

Maggie is three weeks old already! While time is flying by, it also seems to be at a standstill. I'm guessing that this is part of what life with three kids is like. Some days I manage to accomplish a great deal and other days I get absolutely nothing done, besides making milk. Today I got Sam off to school, took a walk with the girls, did two loads of laundry, made a bunch of phone calls, picked Sam up, took all three to the grocery store, then took them all to the salon since tomorrow is picture day at Sam's school, got them all home and in bed, made a pot of spaghetti sauce and am now updating the blog! No shower in there, but the day is young and I'm optimistic. Tomorrow, though, I could still be in my jammies at this point.

Maggs is a lot like her big brother in the sleeping department. Lucy was nearly sleeping through the night by the time we moved into this house. You know, when she was three weeks old. Maggs is still getting up three or four times between 7pm-7am. I'm hopeful that moving her out of our room will help, since that seemed to do the trick with Sammy when he was a babe.

Otherwise, though, she's awesome. I'm so deeply enjoying her newness that I don't want to do anything else but be with her, which is one of the reasons the blog hasn't been updated much lately! When Sam was born, I was filled with anxiety. He was my first and I was a mess. I was much more relaxed when Lucy was born, but we were planning a cross country move, so I was stressed about other things. This time around I have no stressors, no distractions. Just time to sit and drink in the sweetness. And I'm loving it.


In other news, my cat is really, really sick. He started vomiting on Friday and hasn't stopped. He's in the veterinary hospital now and they can't really figure out what is wrong with him. We've had Simon since 1998, and he is pretty much the best cat ever. I'm kind of a wreck about what is going to happen, especially since we don't have tons of money to spend right now. Think 'well kitty' thoughts for him.


I'll leave you with a photo. Sam been having some behavioral problems both at home and at school lately, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's a temporary adjusting to the new baby kind of thing. Even though I get extremely frustrated with him at times, tell me how I'm supposed to stay angry at this face...


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super des said...

Glad you have no stressors this time around. And I hope your kitty gets better!

Arizaphale said...

Oh...bad kitty news :-( 11 is getting on for a cat but my mum and dad's cat lived til he was 18. Mind you he was a wreck....
As for Sam...yeah, I bet there's a bit of baby adjustment in there. If either of you can get to spend some 'Sam' time with him it will probably go a long way towards settling him. Mind you that's easier said than done I'm sure. You sound so chilled though. :-) I'm so pleased for you!

RissaBear said...

Thinking good thoughts for Simon!! Keep me posted. It feels like just yesterday I was loving him...wait it was. :(