Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Weeks

Fourteen days is like a lifetime when it comes to newborns. The tiny girl that burst forth from my body two weeks and two hours ago still bears some resemblance to the one squeaking in the bassinet nearby, but the changes are massive.

For starters, our goals have aligned in reference to night time feedings. Namely, we both want to get the milk flowing and get back to sleep as soon as possible. What was once taking the better part of an hour or longer now only takes the better part of half an hour! We snuggle, suckle, change a diaper, swaddle and sleep in record time!

Even though there is still a sprinkling of little pimples across the bridge of your nose, they are rapidly clearing up. All of your shoulder hair has fallen out. However your umbilical stump is still firmly in place. Lucy keeps asking me to put a band-aid on it.

You aren't smiling officially yet, but at times I can see the hints of happiness in the outlines of your eyes. You like looking at me, obviously, but your brother and sister will hold your attention for a good while during one of your more alert phases. However you are also content to stare at the big black framed mirror on our bedroom wall. Contrast, I suppose!

You remain the sweetest, softest baby ever. Ever.

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Megan said...

she is so alert! beautiful :).

Arizaphale said...

I am so enjoying watching her grow....she is edible.