Monday, January 18, 2010




Yesterday we had Maggie baptised. We aren't particularly beholden, but there is something about the ceremony that I find comforting. It was a bitter-sweet day, though. It was my mother's birthday, so there was a great deal of celebrating. Unfortunately their priest, who has been with their parish for 15 years, announced his re-assignment at mass. Any time we don't get to spend a holiday with my parents, they spend it with Father Joe. It was tough news for them. Luckily, me and my kids were here to help keep their minds off of things.


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Arizaphale said...

Congratulations on Maggie's Baptism. It's a beautiful ritual. Commiserations to your parents. I've seen two parish priests leave and watched the congregations fall apart. Hope it's not the case for your parents.

Cara said...

Congratulation on the Baptism. I love the photo of the priest pouring the water over Maggie head.
I never got any really good shots of either of my boys Baptisms since I was the one holding them.
There is not another person in my family that has any interest in photography and all hate to even touch my camera. I lie my two little guys like to take pics and love my camera...may they will pick it up.