Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Magical Mystery Smell

There is a malodorous scent in my kitchen.

The source of the stench is unknown. I spend an hour yesterday emptying out the fridge, evaluating every single item for freshness and wiping down all of the shelves and drawers. And yet, the smell remains. If it doesn't go away within a few more days, I might be tempted to pull the appliances out and see if there isn't something dead or spoiled behind them. Between the cat, who can still catch mice with the best of them, and the kids, who frequently squirrel away sippy cups of milk or half eaten sandwiches, there is a high likelihood of finding something rotten.

This smell is no good, no good at all. We're selling our house (another post, another time, but the main reason I've been a little more quiet lately) and I don't think that a putrid smell is what the realtor had in mind when he suggested a homey aroma for our open house.

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melissa said...

with us, its almost always a sippy cup of milk. YUCK! hope you find it! and that its NOT anything dead.

Lora said...

see, this is why you need a full feed. so when during times like this, when i read partial feeds only to see if there are any major life catastrophies before "marking as unread" to save for a time when I have the time to click over I don't miss that you are selling the house.

are you moving far far away? closer to me?

stink in the kitchen can wait for another time.
moving, not so much. but for my insane need to see Lucy's sourface, I may not have found this out for a few days!

Arizaphale said...

As Lora says...moving! News! Tell, tell. As for stinks....try a mouse plague. Every day we came into the classroom we would sniff out a dead mickey and get the kids to locate it. In the wall, in the piano, inside the gas heater, the photocopier....euuuch. Hope you find/found yours.