Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Adventures in Real Estate


Our house has now been on the market for two days, we've had four showings, and I'm already kind of over this whole process. Yesterday was nuts. We had our first showing Monday night, so we took the kids out for dinner. Not too rough. When we got home we got a call that we were going to have another showing from 11-12 on Tuesday. Also, not too bad. We're usually out running around then anyway, and I pick Sam up from school at noon, so the timing worked well.

Except that Sam got sent home early from school on Monday with a bad cough, and wasn't well enough yesterday to go back. So we also couldn't go to the Y. Then we get another showing appointment for 11:30-12:30, but then they rescheduled for 3:15-4:15. And then when we got back home at 4:15, they were just getting here because of some communication error. So we piled everyone back in the car. But just before we walked out of the door, the phone rang with another showing appointment from 6:15-7:15. In my haste, I left without any food for the baby or drinks for the kids. We ordered a pizza, hit a drug store for drinks and baby food and headed over to my sister-in-law's apartment.

A few hours later, as we pulled into the driveway, I said to SOB that I was just going leave my diaper bag and gym bag in the car. I had been lugging them back and forth all day, and since they didn't contain anything I needed in the house I figured they could live there for now.

Except that it slipped my mind that I had stashed my keys in the diaper bag. A fact that also slipped SOB's mind this morning when he tucked his key to my car in his coat pocket in order to keep the clutter to a minimum.

So I go to load the kids in and I realize that I have no way to get into the car. And I cry. In my driveway.

So now I've paid $78 for my roadside assistance to come, even though they're not here yet. Even though they were supposed to be here already. And I've had too much coffee. And Sam is still not at school. And my house is still for sale. Which means I have to keep all of the beds made and all of the lights on and all of the clothes and dishes washed and put away and all of the toys hidden and all of the trash cans empty and all of the diapers and the cat put outside and cinnamon candles burning until the very minute I leave the house and and and.

Do you know anyone that wants to buy a house?

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Chrissie said...

You need some WINE!!!!! Hang in there Amy...hope this ends soon! I'll be home all afternoon if you need a place to chill.

susan said...

Dear god.

I'll also be home all afternoon should you decide to pack everybody up and vacate the house until the madness is over. I promise not to make you keep your bed made here... :)

Good luck with all this... I will keep my fingers crossed that you have a firm offer in hand before you grow to hate the smell of the cinnamon scented candles!

super des said...

I want to buy a house! But now you're making me nervous that I have to find THE ONE or stress will ensue.

Arizaphale said...

Moving house is one of the highest stress factor situations along with divorce and death in the family. We all feel for you. My mum and adad are selling their holiday house here in Aus so we have been having a bit of this sort of thing at this end too. No diaper bags though :-)
Chin up kid. Here's to a quick sale.