Monday, March 01, 2010

Maggie, Month Five

Dear Maggie,


I'm guessing you're five months old now. With February being only 28 days, you don't get an official monthly birthday. Regardless, this was a big, fun month for you. You started solids back on February 1st, and now you eat cereal, butternut squash, peas, mango, avocado and bananas. The peas and squash are by far your faves. You've quickly become a pro at this whole eating business, much more quickly than your brother or sister ever did.


You've also become a proficient roller, which means you've been spending more time on your tummy. You've come to not hate it as much, but you still have your limits. If you're even a teeny bit tired, or there isn't something keeping you 100% entertained, you start to scream after about three minutes of tummy time. The funny thing is, you are perfectly capable of rolling back over yourself, you just don't realize it.


You got your first taste of snow, literally and figuratively. You didn't mind rolling around in your bunting, but when you put that snow covered mit to your mouth, well let's just say that you were a bit surprised.


You really are a sweet child Maggs. Everyone who meets you falls madly in love. The ladies at the Y fight over who gets to hold you when we arrive. You're so charming that your auntie almost convinced her boy friend, who has never done more than hold and cuddle you, to change your diaper.


At Sam's birthday bash, you were almost as popular as the guest of honor. Everyone wanted a turn holding you, and you had a smile for each and every person that snuggled you.

When you were born, I wanted to take some mother-daughter portraits of us. I wanted to capture some of that newborn motherhood bonding insanity, but I was too worried about how I looked to actually take the shots. With your brother turning four and all, I came to realize that if I didn't act soon, I would miss my chance. So even though there may always be a little voice in the back of my head that is telling me about my fat thighs, I set up the tripod and began snapping away.


I think it was the best decision I made all year.

I love you, Mag.



P.S. That last shot is My Best Shot Monday. To see some other amazing photos, visit Tracy at Mother May I.

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Melissa G said...

These are all adorable, but oh my, your best shot is so beautiful. What a precious memory to have preserved.

Rissabear said...

What an awesome thing for Maggs to read when she grows up! Love it! and her! and you!

Megan said...

that shot of the two of you is gorgeous, amy. you will both treasure it always -- absolutely no regrets there :).

Chrissie said...

Happy birthday Maggs! Beautiful shots. The one of you two is breathtaking. I love the one of her in the snow. Just too adorable for one post!!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are classic, Amy. Of course Maggie is so photogenic, just like your other two. The picture of you and her together brought tears to my eyes. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I forgot to sign that last post. Aunt Nee

Arizaphale said...

Oh yes. All these wonderful shots and with your words I feel like I know Mags myself. I can almost believe that I have had a turn at holding her. The last shot is breathtaking but the quirkiness of the snow shot won me over.