Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Distractions

On Saturday afternoon I went into the city to do some engagement photos for my cousin and her fiancee. It was a bit windy but I think we managed to get some good ones!


It was nice to have something so happy to occupy my mind.


For more best shot Monday visit Tracey at Mother May I.

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Megan said...

a lovely shot, amy. hope you are feeling better soon :(.

HipMomma said...

It is lovely!

Cara said...

Amy Jo this is a beautiful shot, I love that it is both of their hands.
Hang in there!

Blue Moon Mama said...

This is a wonderful photo! I wish I'd had one done like it when I got engaged :).

Lis said...

fantastic! Great depth of field and just so tender and sweet.

hope all is better soon!