Thursday, June 03, 2010

Maggie, Month Eight


Guess what!?! This month, a whole lot of stuff happened! How crazy is that? After what seemed like an eternity where not a whole hell of a lot was changing, you've gone and become a pro at sitting, clapping and you got a tooth!

Maggie Month 8-06

The sitting is especially nice for me, because you remain stationary. You haven't yet figured out how to get back down to roll about, other than accidentally falling over, which pisses you off. So I can plop you down, happy as a clam while I empty the dishwasher or something. But I'm going to be totally screwed when you figure out how to get down!

Maggie Month 8-02

Can you see that little white dot on your gums there? That's where your tooth popped up unannounced. It was crazy. With Sam and Lucy the teething was epic. There was crying and snotting and drooling. For you, it was all sweetness and giggles and Oh hey! There's a tooth! I can deal with that!

Maggie Month 8-05

You are totally a mama's girl. You want to be on me whenever possible. It doesn't matter how comfy you are with whoever is holding you, once I enter the room it's all about me. Even when you're on the ground, you want to grab onto my legs and feet. I'm not going to lie, it makes me pretty giddy to know I'm you're #1 girl.

Maggie Month 8-01

See? This is how you look when daddy is holding you so I can take a picture. I feel like your expressions is saying 'put down the electronics and HOLD ME, BITCH!'

Maggie Month 8-04

You've also learned to chew. Or at least gum things to death. Messy, but adorable!

Maggie Month 8-03

Your eyes are such a crazy color, still. I love looking into them, trying to figure them out. I know that they will keep me intrigued forever.

I love you baby!


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Lin and Dan said...

I miss that baby! 2 weeks!

Chrissie said...

Such a sweet girl! :)

melissa said...

oh she is DARLING!!!!so sweet!