Friday, June 04, 2010

Tick Tock

We've started getting mail for the new owners.

Everything was just fine and dandy. We had vacation, which did a great job of preoccupying me. The weather has transitioned to full-blown summer, which makes me happy in general. The kids have been sweet as pie. Life was good, and any thoughts about changing it was totally off my radar.

And then that damn letter came, and it was like the dam broke. The reality of the whole 'we're moving to West Virginia in less than two weeks' came crashing down on me. And the question of 'why did I just buy a month's worth of groceries at Trader Joe's' also occurred to me. D'oh.

I had to cancel my Y membership. That was a toughie. I've been going to the Y at least four times a week ever since we moved here. I've made some amazing friends, as have the kids. Initiating the termination there makes everything seem more real.

And then the new owners just popped by one day to take some additional measurements in 'their' bedroom. Cue my stifled sob.

And while I'm super excited about moving to our new house and being close to our families, I've had to spend a few hours every day on the phone setting up all of our new utilities, which is so much effing fun I can't even explain! Throw in there a trip to the ER with all three kids due to Lucy smashing her face and maybe you can understand why, occasionally, as in right now, I'm ready to scrap the whole move and just stay put.

Thirteen days.

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Arizaphale said...

Ah mate. You know that moving ranks up there with divorce and losing your job as one of the biggest stressors there is? So I would be surprised if you weren't feeling it in some way. When I left the UK I was in denial even as I boarded the plane. We spent a few days in Tokyo and it wasn't until I was on the last leg of the flight back to Melbourne that the dam broke. Stupid movie 'Sweet Home Alabama' was the trigger. once I started crying I couldn't stop! I went and sat in the toilet and eventually the hostie knocked on the door to see if I was alright!!!!! A couple of scotches and some home grown Aussie hostie counseling and I finally silenced the sobbing.
You're doing great. It was laways going to be tough. Hope Lucy's face is ok.

Arizaphale said...


Cara said...

Hope Lucy is okay. Hang in there. Once you get moved and settled in things will slow down (not really but I thought it sounds nice to say ). I fell for you because I know what it is like to move and I literally hate it! Good luck.