Monday, November 22, 2010

The Breakfast Club


We had some visitors from Philly this weekend! Two of my girlfriends plus children came all the way to wild West Virginia for a visit. Lucy and L here are only five months apart, and have been having play-dates since birth. I would make a photo montage of them together, but it would take too long! (Here are one or two.) On this particular trip, the girls bonded over bacon. At lunch on Friday Sam ordered a waffle, and they were more than happy to gobble up his discarded pork product. Then on Sunday we made breakfast before they left, and between the two of them they ate a decent chunk of the breakfast meat.

I hope that one day they can bond over boys and college and careers the same way they bonded over bacon.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing!!!!!!!!
We miss you guys (and the bacon) already!


Lora said...

They are both getting so big! I guess that's what happens, isn't it.

Miss you.

Which also means I miss all your friends' babies too.

Linda said...

This is awesome!!!! Glad everybody had a good time.....the girls look like

Arizaphale said...

Such a great post! Gorgeous pic and bacon bonding is of course the best kind.......mind you, don't try telling the BA that. She is the only kid I've ever met who doesn't like bacon and eggs!!!