Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Enchanted Rose

Our house here in West-by-god-Virginia was built and designed in the late 80s, so as you can imagine it is the pinnacle of taste and restraint. SOB and I often joke that the design team sat around a large pile of cocaine and money and tried to make certain aspects as excessive and tacky as possible. For example, there are more square feet in closet space in this house than in most apartments I've ever lived in. Also, there are approximately 174 light switches. One for each bulb, it seems. Trying to turn off the lights before bed is a chore, and most nights we miss one or two.

As far as the tacky goes, ohmygod the light fixtures. We SOB spent days on end converting the hideous brass space ship wall sconces to various less ugly ones.

But the window you see on the right side of the above photo is the pinnacle of awful in this house. I give you The Enchanted Rose Window:


This is what you gaze upon as you soak in our obnoxiously huge bathtub. And my three year old daughter? Who ever since Christmas is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast? Thinks that that window is the most amazing thing EVER. She will slip away, and I'll find her in my bathroom just staring up at it, mumbling incoherently about Belle and the Beast and Mrs. Potts.

We've been wanting to replace it, but now that she is in love with it, I don't know if we'll be able to. Maybe we'll just put the space ship lights back up, get some scrunchies and roll with it, 80s style.

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Arizaphale said...

Oh this is hilarious! All the more so as we have the whole 80s stained glass catastrophe going on here too! It starts at the front door and extends to a weird wall between the kitchen eating area and the dining room (which is now our study). Leaves and roses baby! Leaves and roses. I HATE them but Himself, stuck in the past as he is, LIKES them!!!!!! AND he wanted to redo our front balcony incorporating stained glass circular panels!!!!! I won that one.
I think your tolerance of Lucy's Sleeping Beauty obsession is admirable. You are a better woman than me Gunga Din!!!!! hahahahahahha

Leah said...

don't you DARE touch the rose window. I too am in love with it - LOVE IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is tacky, but you could have the stained glass framed and hung in her room until she grows out of it.

Megan said...

oh my. what else can i say :)?

Rebecca aka The Fairy Princess said...

You should see the light fixture my dad created for a light on the 2nd floor of his house. It was a really old light and the wiring was going bad. So being cheap I guess, the new fixture in a hub cap. It's been up for a few years and looking at it I know there is no one else in the world that could create this thing but my dad.

I cracked up when I read about the rose on your window. My daughter would do the same thing. She does do this kind of stuff. She calls her brother "Link" and last night as I was playing Zelda Windwaker on the game cube, she spoke into the speaker to the tv and said, "Link, it's me. I've been watching you here on the game."
Kids, huh?