Monday, February 21, 2011


1. Throw successful party for Sam's 5th birthday

Saturday afternoon from 12:30 until 2, there was cake, pizza and the type of unbridled mayhem that can only be had at a child's birthday party. We had the party at a gymnastics center, so it was a very physical event. Close to thirty kids came, and the amount of running, jumping, screaming and sweating was intense. When it was all over, they asked everyone to sit for a photo, and the kids were exhausted and soaked. Observe:


A good time was had by all, as far as I can tell!

2. Register Lucy for school

This morning I had the great pleasure of getting up earlier than I do on a school day and venturing out in the freezing rain to stand in line at the local middle school so that I could sign Lucy up for pre-K. Because I live in West Virginia, where they haven't heard of the internet. At said registration, we were informed that despite our obvious dedication to the education of our collective children (see above, with the rain and getting up early), there was no guarantee that these beloved children would be given a spot in the pre-K program unless they were classified as special needs or low income. Even though it is now legally required for 4 year old kids to attend pre-K in the state of West Virginia. So if they don't win the pre-K lottery, we either have to pay to send them to a private program or get them diagnosed with a minor speech delay, as per the subtle recommendation of the school official I spoke with. Nice. And did I mention that I have to repeat this process for Sam in April? GOOD TIMES!

3. Create ultra-cute super hero to save the world


Need I say more?

4. Have this baby

Damn. I hate having unfinished business on my checklists.

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