Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality? Check!

West Virginia Sunrise

Since Freddie was born a mere 18 days ago I've had loads and loads of help. My parents were here, my husband was off of work, and the sitter was on spring break, so she was around a lot, too. Since we live in a college town, the kids didn't have school during spring break, either. That meant that there was no schedule to stick to. Neighbors and friends and relatives brought food, so I barely had to cook, other than to heat things up.

It was glorious.

Today, however, things came crashing back into real life territory. The kids are back in school, which means Lucy has to be up, dressed, fed and at school by 8am. This means that I get up around 6am and wake the brood up by quarter of seven. Before Freddie was born I only had to get up by 6:30, but now there is an added 'newborn uncertainty' factor which must be accounted for. For example, today he decided to wake up just as I was about to wake the other kids. I already had their breakfasts on the table, milk on the cereal and everything, so I had to run up and rouse all of them as fast as possible before Fred got into meltdown mode. Luckily today I was successful. Everyone had breakfast, brushed their teeth, was dressed and in the car by 7:40am. I was on top of the world!

I'm sure there will be days when Sam and Maggie ride to school in their jammies or eat breakfast after dropping off their sister, or when Lucy goes to school with her shoes on the wrong feet and fifteen minutes late, but that's ok. Only two more months of school and then we'll be blissfully unscheduled this summer.

Remind me in July how I referred to our summer as 'blissfully unscheduled' and ask me if I still feel the same way, ok?

Gratuitous nekkid baby photo!

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

Beautiful sunrise, beautiful bebe....reality?...:-(
I think you are astonishing for coping with three kids let alone four.
I can barely manage myself and 1. (Husband fends for himself)