Friday, April 01, 2011

New Discoveries

When Freddie was born and SOB went back to work, my parents helped out by taking the kids to stay with them. They took Lucy and Maggie for two days, leaving me with the boys. Then they took Sam, leaving me with the girls and the baby. During this time, Lucy and Maggie discovered each other, and it was amazing!

I think that because we had always referred to Maggie as "the baby" Lucy never considered her much of a playmate. Yes, there were times when they played in the same area, but those were situations where Lucy simply tolerated Maggie. But now? They are becoming friends!

My aunt and uncle bought the kids Despicable Me when Freddie was born, and the kids love it. Earlier this week I put the movie on after dinner, and Maggie and Lucy snuggled up together on a chair. For about fifteen minutes. Then Maggie decided that she needed to be ON Lucy's lap instead of just next to it:


And she stayed there until bedtime.


Freddie discovered the gymni this week!


And clothes other than pj's!



Maggie has discovered the power of positive reinforcement. She's been super-sweet with Freddie, and since we often praise her when she's gentle, she takes every opportunity to kiss and hug him. Lovely.

Yesterday, I kept finding her laying on the floor next to a box of diapers. Because I am a busy mother of four, since she wasn't crying I didn't pay much attention to what she was doing down there. Finally, after noticing her down there for the sixth or seventh time, I took a closer look at what she was doing: she was kissing the baby on the picture. How freaking cute is that?


My older kids have discovered the joys of bowling, thanks to a school field trip.


It was kind of awesome, and all six of us attended, which was even more awesome!

It's been a busy week...How about you?

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Dan said...

The picture of Lucy and Maggie is awesome

Arizaphale said...

Oh Ya! The Snuggle sisters!!!! And kissing the baby on the nappy packet???? Awesomely cute!!!
Love that tiny baby face picture of Freddie, all scrunched up in his Star Wars T shirt too.....