Monday, June 13, 2011

Freddie, Month Three

Dear Freddy-Nutty-Buddy,

Oh, baby boy! I've made myself a promise to kiss you at least one million times before your first birthday, and I think I'm making good progress. Luckily, you seem to find this entertaining. Anything that comes near your mouth makes you laugh, so my kisses send you into a fit of baby giggles.


Conversely, you've been working on your pout-y face. It goes a little something like this:


When you do this, I will pretty much drop everything and run to scoop you into my arms, and do everything I can to keep you from crying. Mama does not like this face.


This one is pretty nice, though! You're getting better about holding your head up. Since you have a somewhat giant melon head, it's taken you a little longer than your siblings to control your head. But we're working on it!

You've finally started sleeping through the night. I had a total light bulb moment earlier this month and switched you from the bassinet into a larger crib, and you instantly started sleeping better. Duh! We're all much more rested and feeling fine.


You've also recently decided that toys are ok. As with your siblings before you, your main goal seems to be getting them into your mouth so that you can gum them to death. You seem to especially like things with ribbons or tassels that tickle your cheeks. Or my hair. When you get any of these items in your grip, it's kind of hard to get them back. In fact, you've gone to sleep with a few of my strands of hair clutched in your palm.


You are such a dear, sweet baby. All I ever want to do is hold you close, smell your head and kiss you. And kiss you and kiss you.


Love, Mama

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