Thursday, June 16, 2011

Night Swimming Electronica

On Tuesday we took a spontaneous trip to Kennywood. It was a lot of fun, except for the part where Lucy cried for the first two hours and refused to ride even the tamest of rides. We kind of a little bit scarred her with some of the rides at Universal, I think. But after she rode the carousel she was fine. Sam rode two roller coasters, and won a giant banana in a crane game!


(For the record, I totally won the banana, but because I am an awesome mother I let my five year old steal my thunder. And my giant banana.)

We got home just in the nick of time to turn around and run out to swimming lessons, with Aunt Tori coming along for the ride. By the time bed time rolled around, we were all exhausted. I fell into bed and totally crashed.

Until about 12:15am, when our home security alarm started going off. Now, we've lived here for almost a year (GASP!) and our alarm goes off every time the phone/cable goes out. So even though it was annoying, we were pretty sure someone wasn't trying to break into our house.

When ever the security company loses connection with our house, they call my cell phone, so I grabbed it off of my nightstand before I got up to pee. SOB was frantically trying to shut off the bleating, but I had been in a deep, deep sleep, so I just kind of stumbled over to the hall bathroom obliviously. I took care of my personal business, and went to reach for the toilet paper only to find that the roll was empty. Not unusual in our house, because Maggie still likes to unroll the paper and use it to decorate, so we often leave the rolls up where she can't reach them.

Do you see where this is going yet?

So I stand up to reach some paper in the cabinet above the toilet, and in my sleepy state, somehow my iPhone jumps out of my death grip and ends up in the toilet bowl.

All of a sudden, I was wide awake and swearing like a sailor. I plunged my hand into the bowl, putting all thoughts of my own urine out of my mind, and grabbed the phone from its watery grave. I vaguely remembered something about Amy dropping her phone in the potty before, so I tried to remember what she did in that situation. I powered the phone off, considered the fact that it was now 12:30am, and went back to bed.

The next morning, I went to try and turn the phone on, and nothing happened. Damn. So I plugged it into my computer, and lo! It turned on! It even synced! And then it worked fine for about an hour. At which point it started getting all goofy, and kept flashing to the power off slide bar screen. I took that as a hint, and turned it off again. I could see water condensed on the inside of the camera lens, so I tried to figure out how to dry it out. Since it was crazy sunny outside, I decided to take a natural course of action. I laid it out on the front porch in direct sunlight for an hour, and then flipped it over and left it out there for another hour.

And? The effing thing works fine now! Oh, happy day!

Moral of this story? Only drop your iPhone in the toilet on sunny days.

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