Monday, July 11, 2011

Freddie, Month Four

Dear Freddie,

Dear Freddie's feet, actually.


My sweet little (final) suckling, this monthly milestone has your mama in a tizzy. Why? Because you are now old enough to eat rice cereal. If I were so inclined to give it to you. Which I am most certainly not. I plan to put off nourishing you with non-boob milk for as long as possible, and I plan to nurse you until the day you move out.

Just kidding. Sort of!


This has been the month of the happiest babe ever. You are so, so, SO happy. All of the time. Even when you are tired/hungry/poopy. The sweet disposition seems to know no bounds. I often neglect my household duties just to make you giggle!


You love being naked, and you love being tickled when naked. Your armpit areas, your chin, you cheeks. Just the lightest touch and you laugh and squeal with delight. Honestly, the only thing that seems to upset you is the heat. For example:


You are unimpressed with the out of doors so far. I'm guessing that by next summer that will all change, though!

You can officially roll over from belly to back. You did it the first time during the Grover photo shoot, but you only did it once.


Since then, you flip yourself over every time I put you tummy side down. Which is funny because I recently re-committed myself to more tummy time.

You've also become obsessed with my chin. One of your siblings also loved my chin. I think it was Lulu. When I come in to kiss you, you open your mouth as wide as you can, and if I let you you'll gnaw on my chin for the better part of an hour! If you can't get my chin, you'll still happily chew on your own fingers or tongue, though.


We're in the process of finally moving you into the nursery. I don't think I've mentioned this, but you've been sleeping in our closet since you were born. Don't worry, it's a huge, ventilated walk in closet. Up until we actually began the process of getting Maggie out of the nursery so you could move in, I felt like I was looking forward to the move. Our closet (your bedroom) is continuous with our bathroom, so we haven't been about to use our shower or toilet since you were born. But even though Maggie is pretty well situated in Lucy's room now, I can't bring myself to move you up there. I keep saying tomorrow we'll take the rocking chair up. But then I think, maybe we should wait until your bedding arrives so you don't have to sleep in the ladybug room. At this point, you may very well still be sleeping in our closet until you graduate high school. We'll let you paint it whatever color you want, ok?


Love, Mama

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Arizaphale said...

Awww. So sweet.