Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Great Room Swap of '11

Yesterday I mentioned about moving Maggie out of the nursery so Freddie could take up residence there. Let me elaborate on that a little bit, because, lo we are involved in some major shit over here.

Now, we are no strangers to re-arranging in this household. We lived in our last for three years, and everybody got switched around at some point, and Sam even got switched twice! All of these babies complicate things, I tell you! We are now in a similar situation here are we were back when Maggs was born. At this house, the big kids each have their own rooms and Maggie was in the nursery. There are only three bedrooms upstairs, so when Freddie came along, we kept him in our room. Until we moved him into our closet. The closet was easily big enough to accommodate him, his pack-n-play and my rocking chair, so it wasn't a big deal for us to keep him in there, and Maggie in the nursery.

But now he's four months old. And my two biggest kids are away at their Nunnie and Pappy's house for the week, and so my mom suggested that this might be a good time to execute the room swap-age. She is one smart cookie, that mother of mine. So on Sunday night, after Sam and Lucy had been deposited at their grandparents, we put Maggie to bed in Lucy's room.

And she flipping loved it.


We didn't hear a peep from her all night, and in the morning when she woke, she just called out for me as she did when she was in her crib. Then she successfully napped in there yesterday, slept in there last night and is currently napping in there again.

So I moved all of the furniture from Sam's room into there. Sam and Lucy had matching stuff from Ikea, so we thought it would be easier to move all of the matching stuff into one room and just buy him a new bed. Then I got some cute new matchy-matchy bedding from Target (some of it even on clearance!) and Viola! The girls' room is (nearly) complete!

(That tube on the bookshelf is a package of wall decorations that I hope to get up today or tomorrow, to tie the whole room together.)

(Also, the Bert and Ernie rug totes does not match, but it was SOB's when he was little, and we've put it in one of the kids' room ever since we had them.)

So far, so good! Sam's room is practicially empty, and Fred is sleeping on ladybug and flower, sheets, but hopefully by the end of the week the bunk beds, crib bedding and mattresses will arrive. Otherwise my five year old will be sleeping on the couch.

Now we'll just have to see how Lucy reacts when she comes home...Stay tuned!

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Lora said...

You have the exact bedding that I love and Jake would totally have if he were a girl.

Of course Maggie loved the bed swap. And of course I'm on pins and needles to find out how Lucy feels about all this.

Good luck! Enjoy the time with Maggie and Freddie!

Arizaphale said...

It's looking great and that picture of Maggie is to die for....but how will Lucy feel????? can't wait to find out.